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Aerospace and Defense Forum - Round Table

National Instruments

Prof. Franco Bernelli Zazzera

He is currently the Head of the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology at Politecnico di Milano. Chairman of Pegasus (Partnership of a European Group of Aeronautics and Space Universities). AIDAA, and AIAA member. Member of the Central Council of AIDAA. Member of the editorial Board of the AIDAA Journal "Aerotecnica Missili e Spazio". Member of the editorial Board of the “Journal of Small Satellites”. Member of the Space Education and Outreach Committee of the International Astronautical Federation (IAF).

National Instruments

Giorgio Di Bernardo Nicolai

Giorgio Di Bernardo Nicolai is a writer and scientific journalist specialized in the aerospace industry. He works for various Italian and foreign specialized editors; he  additionally works as a scientific consultant for RAI television and radio shows  and other national papers and participates in RAI shows as an expert in aeronautics, space and science. Among his other commitments, we remind the restructuring of the communications activities of the Italian Aerospace Research Center, University seminars and post-graduate communication courses about science, the history of the astronautics and the analysis of spatial accidents.

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Lieutenant General Pietro Finocchio

Since January 2005 he is the President of AFCEA (Armed Force Communications Electronics Association) ROME Chapter and since September 2010 is Vice President of the Italian Institute of Navigation. Since October 2012 he is regional Vicepresident (Mediterranean Region) of AFCEA Europe.

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Dr. Ing. Marco Lisi

Dr. ing. Marco Lisi is currently Special Advisor of the European Commission, the GNSS Services Engineering Manager at the European Space Agency, member of the Directorate of the GALILEO Programme and Navigation related activities. In this position he is responsible for the engineering and exploitation of services based on the European navigation infrastructures, Galileo and EGNOS. He was previously responsible for the systems engineering, operations and security activities in the Galileo project.

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Dr. Ignacio Montiel-Sánchez

Dr. Ignacio Montiel-Sánchez owns a doctorate on Telecommunications Engineering and is a Telecommunication Engineer at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid from Spain.  With over  20 years of working experience in the National Institute of Aerospace Techniques (INTA) at Madrid, he first served as an Antenna and RCS measurement engineer, afterwards as head of the Detectability Laboratory and finally as the Head of the Communications, Navigation and Radar Area. In 2009 he served as a National Expert to DG Enterprise (European Commission) as a Policy Officer in the Security Research and Development Unit H3. Since June 2011 he's currently working in the European Defence Agency as R&T Technology Manager and is responsible for the IAP02 CapTech, RF Sensor Systems and Signal Processing.

National Instruments

Sean Thompson

As the Platform Manager for Aerospace and Defense at National Instruments, Sean Thompson manages the NI Platform in key application areas within Aerospace and Defense and the business development initiatives for these applications. During his 20-year career at NI, he has served as the Segment Manager for RF and Communications, business development manager for ATE, a field engineer for telecom and military accounts, and the manager of the VXI applications group. Sean holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science from Rice University.